How long are the sessions and how many will I need?

The programme consists of three sessions.  On your first visit, I will go through some important things with you. Guidance focuses on self-belief and positive thinking.

I help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of quitting smoking. During your session I will discuss your lifestyle, the role smoking plays in your life, when and where you smoke, the factors that lead you to smoke and your dependency level.  

I will offer you a nicotine addiction test to help you understand your level of addiction and a carbon monoxide test to measure the amount of carbon monoxide currently in your lungs and blood stream.  I use the carbon monoxide monitor as a motivational tool to help track your success.  Your first session usually takes an hour and at the end of this, you will be a non-smoker.   

A second session will be scheduled for 2 or 3 days later after which the nicotine levels have been reduced to that of a non-smoker.  You may experience a few withdrawal symptoms (see below) so this booster session will help to keep you motivated and reassured.  The third (and usually final) session is scheduled for 1 week later.


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